Saving the Bees

The bees are in danger!


For several years, the bee population dropped a lot and even led to their disappearence in certain areas. This phenomenon is called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder): The beehives run down of their bees, vanishing without any trace. The pesticides would be the main cause, but it's also because of the combination of many other factors as well (parasites, predators, landscape's modification and ratiry of ressources, climate imbalance, etc...) This syndrome is really concerning because of the environmental importance of the bees as a pollinating.


Pollination is where insects move pollen from one plant to another, fertilising the plants so that they can produce fruits, vegetables, seeds and so on. 


The collapse of bee populations —both domestic and wild would be a real disaster for the nature and the human being because 80% of the cultivations depend of bees' action. How many species depend, totally or partially, on food coming from plant varieties and would hardly survive without the pollinating?


If all the bees went extinct, it would destroy the delicate balance of the Earth’s ecosystem and affect global food supplies.


With this urgency to protect our planet, I decided to ally my shop to this cause and help fighting against the mass extinction of our cute little bees.


This is why my project is to sponsor Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles* (translated as "A Roof For The Bees") a French 10-year-company who helps to protect our dear friends the bees.

This company offers them a hive (that we will be able to name after our brand at some point!) with a safe environment and a beekeeper to take care of them.

1 beehive = 40 000 bees

I fell in love with the concept of having our own beehive and the fact that we can keep track of their little bee-life through pictures and datas that we will receive along the year ♡

But before we can afford this whole honeycomb, we are going for a one year contract less expensive :) More info here!


A part of the money Honey Gokko receives from selling its pins and keychains will go to the fundraising, and hopefully we will have our own honeycomb one day!


This cause means so much to me and I hope to see you join it as well! 


Let's save the Bees, let's save the Planet! ♡ 🐝🌍


Siana 🐝



* The website is in French, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!!