About Me

Hello and welcome~ 


I'm Siana, the french little illustrator and designer behind Honey Gokko!

I love drawing cute and soft things and my growing passion for flowers and the nature pushed me to create this little boutique 🌸

I'm also touched by swords and Japan history, so if you ever start to see blades stuff here, don't be shocked 😂

Each item at Honey Gokko is designed with love and care, this is why I hope that my art can lift your spirit, even if only a bit 💕


Other than living through my passion, my second goal by making this shop is to help the bees and the environment. You'll find more information about the cause I'm defending here!


Please feel free to reach me via my social media channels: Twitter and Instagram. It would be my pleasure to interact with you all and be friends 💕

Also, if you want to support me, you can buy me a Ko-fi


I hope you enjoy your stay here 😊


Siana 🐝