KICKSTARTER - Enamel pin - Mask Collection

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Please read carefuly before buying!

This collection will work with a kind of kickstarter system!

What does it mean?

You can buy however many pins you would like from this collection, however, to be able to choose freely between all the designs, goals will have to be met (see below). At the end of the campaign you'll be able to choose between the unlocked designs (a survey will be sent to you).


Goals (amount gained with this collection):

 1st design: 300,00€ UNLOCKED

 2nd design: 600,00€ UNLOCKED

 3rd design: 900,00€

 4th design: 1200,00€

 5th design: 1500,00€

 6th design: 1800,00€

 7th design: 2100,00€

If at the end, one or more pins you desired aren't unlocked, you can choose pins from the rest of the shop! Please note that unlike a real kickstarter, a sale is final or the goals will be thrown into disorder!


There is also an option where you can get the No Face keychain! If you want the keychain only, you can get it there


You'll also be able to get a free holographic sticker of the No Face design.

This campain will last at least 1 month! Then it will take around 2 months for production, so everything will be shipped around June!


About the pins:

 1st design: gold rose hard enamel - 50mm

 2nd design: gold rose hard enamel - 52mm

 3rd design: gold rose hard enamel - 29mm

 4th design: gold rose hard enamel - 55mm

 5th design: gold rose hard enamel - 43mm

 6th design: gold rose hard enamel - 51mm

 7th design: gold rose hard enamel - 36mm


About the keychain:

 acrylic charm - no epoxy finish - double face - 80mm


Pins can have flaws, please refer to the Grading Quality Guide here

You can add to your order in hand items, but everything will be shipped at the same time

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email!

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